Pregnancy Hair Care at Smith & Smith Loughborough

Pregnancy brings a great deal of hormonal changes to a woman’s body, with the fluctuation of hormonal levels, emotional and physical transformations take place, most commonly taking a toll on the hair of both the expectant Mum and new Mums. Pregnancy has a significant effect on your hair and it is not always the effect you were hoping for. You may need to visit your hairdresser more frequently as your hair grows much faster.


With changing hormones, morning sickness and maybe even swollen ankles you may need to book an appointment at our hair salon in Loughborough and seek advice from the experts to give you a pregnancy glow to make you feel and look beautiful.

Our hair needs special care during pregnancy and with the news of another royal baby expected in spring 2015 we thought we would give you some advice on pregnancy hair care if you are expecting a baby yourself.

Hair Colour during Pregnancy?

Are you wondering if it is safe to keep dyeing your hair now that you’re pregnant? It is considered generally safe to dye your hair during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.The chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. To read the official guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant from the NHS click here.

Rather than an all over hair colour get some highlights or lowlights, these techniques are less likely to make contact with your scalp. Feeling great about your hair whilst pregnant can make you feel radiant and glowing. For professional hair advice during pregnancy speak to your stylist at Smith & Smith.

Hair problems during Pregnancy

You may notice a change in your hair texture or moisture levels during your pregnancy, it may become greasy, dry or even brittle, it may be worth speaking to your stylist at Smith & Smith Hairdressing who will be able to offer advice on using the shampoo and conditioner you may need to suit your specific hair type. Some women notice their hair gets much thicker, this is due to the levels of estrogen which are much higher during pregnancy. Your locks are growing faster than ever, your hair is thicker, healthier and looks stunning!

Pregnancy Hairstyles

Changing your hairstyle before or after your baby arrives can be a good thing. After all, your life is changing and your role in this world is changing, but is it the right decision for your face shape? You could make life easier by going for a shorter style, but before you do anything drastic speak to your stylist for advice. If your hair is longer there are many options for putting your hair up and still look gorgeous.

Hairstyles for New Mums

Being a new Mum comes with lots of challenges but be sure to make time for yourself to maintain a basic hair regime, it will not only make you look good but it will work wonders for your self-esteem.

Choose a quick and easy style, giving you plenty of time to concentrate on your new bundle. Low maintenance hairstyles are great for busy new Mums. If your hair is long try your hair in a braid, a plait or a ponytail and you will have a gorgeous style in minutes. Speak to your stylist at Smith & Smith who will advise you on the perfect style for your face shape and new lifestyle.

Take time out for yourself and keep up with regular hair appointments to keep your hair in tip top condition and yourself looking and feeling great! Before you leave our Hair Salon in Loughborough book in for your next appointment at Smith & Smith Hairdressing and continue with the good hairstyle you deserve!

Pregnancy Hair Appointment at Smith & Smith Hairdressing

Book an appointment at our hairdressing salon in Loughborough, relax, take the weight off your feet and enjoy being pampered. To book your pregnancy hair appointment give us a call on 01509 216181, or call in, you can find us on Warner’s Lane.

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