Hair Care Tips & Tricks

Hair Care & Styling Tips from Smith & Smith Hair Salon, Loughborough

Are you cursed with thick hair that’s in a tangle?  At your wits end with limp hair? Hair loss giving you sleepless nights?

At Smith & Smith in Loughborough, we know hair and we have expert tricks to help you tame unruly hair.


We offer deep conditioning, strengthening and replenishing hair treatments in our salon, including Opalex.

Our top tip for looking after dry, damaged hair is using an old cotton t-shirt instead of your towel to dry it after washing. This will help control frizz and reduce hair breakage.


  • coloured hair at Smith & SmithAfter having your hair professionally coloured at Smith & Smith, we recommend waiting three days before washing it to allow the colour to completely absorb into your hair.
  • With Summer on the way, make sure you protect your hair colour from pool chlorine, sea salt, UV light (tanning beds)
  • Condition, condition, condition – leave it in if you can!






Tangled hair can be painful!  We can’t promise you’ll never have a tangle again, but we highly recommend investing in a Tangle Teezer detangling brush. Gently brush your hair before you shower to get rid of as many tangles as possible to avoid your hair becoming even more tangled as you lather it.

Try a satin cover for your pillow.  Your hair is much less likely to get in a mess as you sleep and it will look shinier when you wake up too!


Limp, lifeless hair can be depressing, but Your Smith & Smith stylist will be able to recommend the best shampoo, conditioning and styling products to give your hair volume and life.  You could also try a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment where conditioners are applied BEFORE you shampoo your hair.


Thin hairIf you suffer from fine hair that lies flat on your head after you’ve styled it try these tips:

  • Dry your hair upside down, and use your fingers to work into the roots of your hair
  • Use a fine hair boosting spray – ask your Smith & Smith stylist for a recommendation on which products will work best on your hair.
  • If you’re going out for a special occasion, spritz your hair with a ‘salt spray’ or dry shampoo to give it added texture and volume.


Hair loss can be a cause of great distress for men and women but, don’t lose any more sleep over it. There are lots of brilliant products on the market now, aimed at improving the thickness of your hair while encouraging hair growth.

The stylists at Smith & Smith also have some tips to encourage thicker hair:

  • Keep your hair as clean as possible. Hair with lots of product in get weighed down.
  • Before you shower, gently brush your hair to avoid additional breakage during the lathering process
  • Pat your hair with a 100% cotton t-shirt for a delicate drying technique
  • Scrunch your hair to add volume while drying it
  • Keep your hair loosely styled, rather pulled up in a tight bun or ponytail
  • When blow drying, lift your hair at the roots and give your hair a burst of cold air.
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