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Hair colour is a service that is very individual to each person, so at our hairdressing salon in Loughborough we train our staff in the most advanced technical skills, and then we go to great-lengths to discuss together the hair colour and techniques that will most suit you.

If you are looking for a beautiful new hair colour that is also kind to your hair and scalp, you will love the hair colour at Smith and Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough. We use only the finest hair colour products from Wella with our clients to ensure sensational hair colour results. 

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Traditional Foil Highlights & Lowlights

Foil highlights or lowlights are a very popular traditional colour applications which create beautiful multi-tonal shades. There are various techniques that our hair colour experts can use to apply highlights to your hair.

Our stylists are expertly trained and you can opt for a full head of highlights, which are great for anyone who regularly wears their hair in an upstyle as it ensures an even hair colour all over. A full head of highlights can be as natural or as bold as you would like it, adding in as many foils as the hair will allow. You could also choose a half head of highlights to colour the top and the side of your hair. 

A hair colour tint with scattered foils is another highlighting option which gives results of a more subtle highlighted or lowlighted colour.

Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough

Meche Highlights

Meche hi-lites or highlights are a great alternative to foil highlights and are an essential tool for the highly-skilled hair colour technicians at Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough. Meche highlights are see through so that you can see the colour developing, unlike foils and they are a faster alternative to traditional foil highlights. The colour can even be taken up higher towards the root than traditional foil highlights can, making this a popular service with our clients. 

Each Meche is individually placed in your hair, with any amount of width and volume, and in an wide range of colours, tones and shades - and the result is unique to you. The self adhesive tape on the meche prevents seepage of colour and is water soluble, meaning zero discomfort when your Smith & Smith stylist removes them in the backwash. 

Meche highlights can be woven or sliced, striking or subtle – depending on the effect you require. A few Meche can also brighten and enhance your existing hair colour whether it is a natural shade or has been previously coloured.

Balayage & Ombré

So you've heard the latest terms for the most popular highlighting techniques but you're not entirely sure what each one is or what to ask for - ombré, balayage or root stretch?  You're not alone and it can be confusing to tell the subtle difference between them. 

Balayage means ‘to sweep’ so we use a ‘sweeping’ freehand motion to blend subtle shades vertically throughout your hair, leaving you with subtle sun-kissed highlights throughout your hair.

Ombré gives a more defined contrast between the two colours used, giving a transition from a darker colour at the root into a lighter colour, generally focusing the lighter colour towards the ends of your hair. 

Root stretch is a variation on these two looks and, as the name suggests, we place the darker colours near the root area so your roots look longer and less obvious, blending naturally with the rest of your hair.

Whatever look you desire, talk to your Smith and Smith colour specialist about your hair desire so that we can create a bespoke hair colour for you. Find out more about our balayage services here.

Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Balayage Hair Colour, Wella Hair Salon, Smith & Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough

Changing Your Hair Colour & Covering Root Regrowth

A complete hair colour change can produce dramatic and striking results, or can be used just to cover grey hair, or to enliven your own shade with better colour intensity, depth and shine.

Hair colour change – is either a permanent or quasi (semi) permanent hair colour that is applied by a technician on small sections of your hair. The colour change can be in sections, slices or the full head of hair. Starting at the roots, we ensure even and total coverage to give a perfect result. Our hair colour chart offers a wide choice of colours, shades and tones.

Regrowth or roots - retouch your full-head colour that was previously applied. Not only does it cover natural colour regrowth, but it also adds new colour depth and shine so that your hair looks in perfect condition.

Colour Correction & Problem Hair Colours

If you have had a hair colour problem, whether at home with a box dye or at another salon, our skilled colour experts are here to help you! The most important thing to do is to not panic, simply call our Loughborough hair salon on 01509 216181 where we will book your hair colour correction consultation. 

At your consultation our Wella colour specialists will assess your hair colour problem, strand by strand and come up with a realistic plan to restore the condition and colour of your hair. At Smith and Smith hair salon, we see hair colour problems every day so it is nothing to be embarrassed about.  

Normally, complex hair colour problems will require removing colour from some sections whilst adding colour to others. Our technician will analyse every part of your hair to assess the exact mix of tones and shades in different sections of your hair to recreate a beautiful overall hair colour.

If you have a hair colour disaster, we have the hair colouring experience and skills to help you. Read more on hair colour correction in Loughborough here.

Wella Hair Colours at Smith and Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Wella Hair Colours at Smith and Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough
Wella Hair Colours at Smith and Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough

Your Hair Colour Consultation at Smith and Smith Hair Salon in Loughborough

A great consultation is the key to the ideal hair colour, so it is vital that you visit us before your hair colour appointment so that we can discuss your hair goals. At your consultation our hair colour specialists will take the time to guide you through all the colour choices, application methods and after-care needs. We can assess the current colour and condition of your hair and create a tailored plan for you.

Please note - if you are new to hair colour or haven't visited us for over 6 months, we will need to carry out a simple allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. 

Visit the Hair Colour Experts in Loughborough

Our Smith and Smith hair colour specialists are the most highly qualified technical hairdressers at our Loughborough salon, and are amongst the best in the UK.

If you are looking for hair colour expertise, enthusiasm and experience – then our hair salon in Loughborough has no equal.  

For the best hair colour near you, please call Smith & Smith Hair Salon, Loughborough on 01509 216181.


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