Grooming for Men

Gone are the days when a weekly bath and a quick dab of Old Spice was seen as the only grooming that men needed.


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For a whole host of reasons men now spend a great deal of time and money on looking their best. At our gents hair salon in Loughborough we can advise you on a great haircut and style to get you looking and feeling great.

Some men are “going the extra mile” when trying to find a partner, others may be hoping to keep the one they have already got.

But the best reason for investing in Male Grooming services is doing it for the most important person in the world —you.

Spending an hour or so being pampered by the professionals and then leaving the salon feeling like a million dollars will give you as big an ego boost as about 5 large vodkas (and it won’t make you want to sing karaoke or dance like a demented fool).

More than a Gents Hair Salon

Far too many men settle for a barber-shop short back ‘n’ sides hair cut because it’s easy and it’s what they are used to.

But, men’s hairstyles have developed massively over the last decade and it’s time to get a stylish gents cut!

Mens hairstyles and cuts are interesting, flattering and attractive  – isn’t it time you were too?

It’s goodbye to the basic buzz-cut all over and hello to a high precision gents cuts with fade, lots of texture, and even straighteners for that super-smooth matinee idol look.

And Hair Color for Men is massive with spikey highlights, flashes of deep colour or an all over shade to hide those sneaky grey hairs.

For more on hair colour services in Loughborough, take a look at our hair colour at Smith and Smith hair salon.

 Man up to hair color.

Talk to your stylist about color services just for guys.

From a quick, natural-looking color tune-up to a complete color change,

Paul Mitchell Hair Color offers an option to meet the needs of any modern man.

And for the more mature guys we offer Flash Back – the best way to cover grey and white hair

Book in for a fresh new hairstyle at our gents barbers in Loughborough.